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NEWFINANCES s.r.o. was established on 22 May 2002. Its main goal was to continue the applied economic research initiated in the 20th Century by Ing. Pavel Ševčík.

The results of the research, mainly focused on the creation, distribution, circulation and extinction of Finances (i.e. today’s “electronic money”), brought both the discovery of new unwritten financial laws of today’s Credit Society and the creation of a new economic discipline, namely Creditology. The aforementioned research results were first presented in Finance Magazine. This magazine was published by NEWFINANCES s.r.o. between 2003 and 2006.  Furthermore, the research results were presented in the book Theory of Credit Society or Why We Play Credit Games (Prague, 2012).

Since 2022, NEWFINANCES s. r. o., has been offering the general and professional public the opportunity to become credit literate by purchasing the our books. The second way to gain financial freedom by acquiring credit literacy is to participate in seminars called Creditology4you. The third option of gaining much needed financial and credit literacy is by purchasing the game called “Creditology”.

What  NEWFINANCES s. r. o.  offers you is not just theoryIn fact, NEWFINANCES s. r. o. has been verifying new scientific knowledge in practice alongside research for twenty years. How? By providing financial advice to those individuals and companies that were interested in generating credit income in addition to their professional and capital income. In doing so, it did not stop at just consultancy in financing business and family ventures. Based on agreements with several banks,  NEWFINANCES s. r. o. also arranged bank loans for its clients and family members. Today, twenty years later, the people who have participated in applying the knowledge of Creditology in practice are dollar and euro millionaires.

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